Apr 1, 2009

sacto to auburn = 50 miles

if you travel from sacramento, ca to auburn, ca by car, you will drive 33 miles and it will take approximately 35 minutes. when you arrive in auburn, you are unlikely to be tired and will be greeted by a tiny, yet charming, town.

if you run from sacramento to auburn, it will be 50 miles and will take much, much longer. when you arrive in auburn (if you're still alive), you are likely to be dead tired, with popped blisters and sore muscles. you will be greeted by a jacket that declares your victory over the American River 50 mile endurance marathon. instead of having "crazy" stamped across your forehead, you'll get to wear it as a jacket.

hubby wants one of those jackets.

so on friday, we are driving to sacramento so that he can participate in this madness. it will take him 7 or 8 (or more) hours to complete it. and on sunday, i will participate in my own marathon - of cooking.

we'll start sunday morning with lemon blueberry pancakes with mixed berry coulis. i was also going to make homemade breakfast sausage, but hubby nixed that idea. and for dinner, i will try to recreate that magically delicious santa fe wonder . . . smoked brisket green chili. i'll have to buy the smoked brisket though. and cornbread muffins. and dessert of some sort. something hubby likes and that is full of carbs and calories. bread pudding with cranberries?

if he can train for a 50 mile ultra marathon, i can manage to cook AND study on sunday.