May 17, 2010

another late case of the mondays

beautiful utah
a couple weeks ago, hubby and i went to st. george, utah for his sixth ironman.
that's right, his sixth!
in case you are unfamiliar, an ironman consists of:
2.4 mile swim
112 mile bike
26.2 run
swim, bike, run for a long, long time.
hubby can be a little intense.
(that jacket, btw, is from a 50 mile ultramarathon that hubby completed)
in the past for races, we've gone to florida, idaho, arizona, etc.
but utah is by far, the most gorgeous place out of all his race sites.
here's some proof . . .
view of the the lake where the swim portion of the race was held

the area behind our hotel, with a trail in a lava field

view of a canyon nearby

wildflowers growing in the lava field
beautiful utah