May 8, 2009

so close, soooooo clooooooose!

bringing in my thesis to the print shop today for binding.  one small, informal paper due on monday (max time that will be spent - 1hr).  work on putting references in APA style for group paper due on monday (max time that will be spent - 30 min).  and that's it!  nothing else!  i'm soooooo clooooose to being completely done!
and then i get to spend some quality time with my standmixer.  
in the past few weeks, we also moved into a new apartment.  another rental, yes, but a much nicer one.  
new kitchen with lots and lots of cabinet space so i can store everything away, except the standmixer.  it was actually too tall.  and there's lots and lots of countertop space too, so i guess it's not a tragedy if not EVERYTHING can be put away.  and there's lots and lots of sun.  so hopefully the picture lighting will be better and the pictures better (but maybe not . . .).
this weekend will be filled with the rest of the unpacking process, making lots of yummy food, and back to taking pictures.  
oh, i can't wait!