Sep 12, 2009

totally crushing on Tate Forcier

it's good to be a wolverine.  
silver lining for charlie weis: he'll have more time to work out since he may not keep his job much longer.
coach rod rocks!

Sep 10, 2009

to prepare for this weekend of fun

before the activities of this weekend, i'm going to first take a long, grueling test.
i'm signed up to take the GMAT tomorrow because i'm applying to MBA programs. one master's degree is not enough - i need another. or rather, i need one that can actually help me make a difference in the world while raking in the dough. my current masters degree is pretty useless for helping me in my career right now, thank-you-budget-cuts-in-education. and to perfectly honest, even if there were no budget cuts and i was working in my field, i would still not be making enough money to really be comfortable. and that's not okay.
i like comfortable. the first thing i do when i get home is change into something with a stretchy waistband. nobody said yoga pants can only be worn for yoga. comfortable rocks. thank you 97% cotton 3% lycra.
so tomorrow AM, i will face the GMAT. i think i'll be okay. it's only a few hours in front of a computer that will spit questions at me that get HARDER as i progress. but i've studied and i've practiced and i feel ready. i AM ready.
sentence corrections? data-sufficiency? bring it on!

Sep 5, 2009

the new saturday morning cartoons

another blogger i read and admire commented - the badass geek.  great way to start a saturday.
another great way to start a saturday?  the adult version saturday morning cartoons.  remember waking up on the weekend and stumbling into the living room, turning on the tv and watching your fave cartoons?  the cartoons were entertaining and suspenseful and the perfect match for sugary cereals.
it's september and it's started again.
college football - the adult equivalent of saturday morning cartoons.
entertaining and suspenseful and the perfect match for a beer and wings.
hubby and i are looking forward to when our team plays in a couple hours, and hopefully wins.  oh dear god, please win.  we went to michigan (GO BLUE!).  hubby is a huge fan.  our alumni friends, especially A, bleed maize and blue.  and last year, they bled a lot.  coach rod did not have a stellar season.  today, we play western michigan.  we need to win.
no really, we NEED to win.  b/c if we lose, hubby and A and all the rest of them will sulk until the next game.  so if we have another season like last year, they will all sulk until december. 
i can't handle another season of sulking.  people who sulk are like people who walk slow.  i want to punch them in the back of the head.  
i also hate sweater vests.

Sep 3, 2009

LONDON! and other random thoughts

mui mui's in london. for study abroad. i wonder when we ichat this weekend if she'll take on a british accent.
oh, and the pictures of the ribs and southwestern style mac and cheese were terrible. still debating on whether those will go up or not. maybe they're terrible because i haven't bothered to clean them up.
instead, i've been sitting on the couch at night, alternating between doing gmat questions and staring at the tv. okay, mostly staring at the tv. this is what happens when hubby leaves me for extended amounts of time. i go dumb.
but i did wash the dishes by hand. this is huge for me. i HATE doing dishes. hubby usually does the dishes. but since he's not around, and clean dishes don't magically appear and the double sink can really only hold so much . . . i succombed and did the dishes. TWICE. yeah, over a period of 3 days, i did dishes twice. i should get a gold star.