Sep 3, 2009

LONDON! and other random thoughts

mui mui's in london. for study abroad. i wonder when we ichat this weekend if she'll take on a british accent.
oh, and the pictures of the ribs and southwestern style mac and cheese were terrible. still debating on whether those will go up or not. maybe they're terrible because i haven't bothered to clean them up.
instead, i've been sitting on the couch at night, alternating between doing gmat questions and staring at the tv. okay, mostly staring at the tv. this is what happens when hubby leaves me for extended amounts of time. i go dumb.
but i did wash the dishes by hand. this is huge for me. i HATE doing dishes. hubby usually does the dishes. but since he's not around, and clean dishes don't magically appear and the double sink can really only hold so much . . . i succombed and did the dishes. TWICE. yeah, over a period of 3 days, i did dishes twice. i should get a gold star.


  1. I despise doing dishes, too. Sadly, they don't get done unless I do them. I think we both should get a gold star.

  2. the gold star system worked well in kindergarten, sometimes even in 1st grade. i think we should bring it back, along with naptime.