Dec 22, 2010

day in the life of an MBA at Ross

I've been at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan for a full semester now. I've completed 1/4 of an MBA degree.
and what a trip/adventure/wacky ride it has been!
it's like they set it up so that there is no way you can do everything you want. class, studying, recruiting, networking, hanging out with friends, spending time with hubby . . . no way to do it all. spending time with hubby however, comes a little easier than hanging out with friends. we're BOTH at Ross together.
and yes, we pay a boatload every semester for tuition. but we just keep saying to ourselves, it's an investment, it's an investment, it's an investment.
so what's a typical day like for me? what's my schedule like that prevents me from blogging (b/c i barely have time to cook!)?
6:15 am Wake up, get ready for the day
7:15 Leave house to catch shuttle
7:30 Shuttle to Ross, read NYTimes on my phone
8:00 MO 503 - Leading People & Organizations
10:20 FIN503 - Financial Management
12:40pm Grab a really quick lunch
1:00 Cover letter review, Resume review or Mock Interview
2:00 Finance group meeting
4:00 Marketing reading
5:00 Head home
6:00 Dinner, then head back to Ross
7:00 MO group meeting
9:00 Head home again, do some chores to clean up apartment
10:00 Continue Marketing HW
11:00 Sleep and start over again the next day

this would be a not-so-bad day. probably even some minutes to chat with friends or call my parents here and there.
when hubby and i were visiting campuses during application season, we received a brochure from another school that had a student's "typical day" outline. we thought they must have been exaggerating. i mean, nobody can be this busy ALL the time. we were very wrong. we really are this busy ALL the time. i'm tired just thinking about it
but it's currently winter break. no academic assignments. just the other responsibilities that we signed up for. i will be spending the next two weeks on vacation and working on:
- grant process for Orchards Children's Services, i'm their Board Fellow
- market information for next round of Michigan Business Challenge for WestView Education Institute, a new company I am working on with a kick-ass team
- cover letters so that i can land a summer internship that i will love and that will love me
- holiday cookies b/c we didn't get gifts for anyone other than immediate family this year (that double-tuition payment!)
so, with a little luck and slightly more sleep than i've been getting this past semester, i'll hopefully get everything done and even check back to blog about it. hmm . . .