Aug 31, 2009

one of my favorite bloggers left a comment for me

i'm still giddy about it. this is where you go for his hilarity -
i'm also giddy because someone other than my sister reads this thing. not that having just mui mui has a reader isn't enough. thanks for the support mui mui.
hubby sometimes comes here. actually, i bet hubby will be checking my blog regularly over the next few days.
hubby's in korea for the new few days. he will come back about 5 lbs lighter than when he left. why? because hubby does not like korean food. in fact, hubby hates korean food (gasp!). in his eyes, kim chee sucks. but before you start talking about the merits of kim chee, just know that white boy from michigan has come a LONG way, culinarily speaking. so before hubby left, i made a very american meal for him.
ribs and mac and cheese.
slow-cooked ribs that take 5 hrs and southwestern style mac and cheese.
not a shred of kimchee in sight.
blurry pics with awful lighting and recipes to come soon.

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