Aug 27, 2009

how good is your memory?

mine sucks. and so does hubby's.
there were just three. 1 - 2 - 3 items to pick up from the store yesterday and neither of us could remember the third item.
1 - toilet paper, this one was too important to forget. we were down to the very last roll. no reserves.
2- low-fat plain yogurt. a staple, everyday item for us
3 - something else. i couldn't remember it. i realized around noon yesterday that i couldn't remember it. i called hubby (mainly to let him know that i'd have to stay late at work) and asked if he remembered it. he did not.
i spent the rest of the day racking my brain for what this item could possibly be.
i mentally walked through our grocery store multiple times to try to remember what this one item is. was it important? did we need it that night? did we need it this weekend? was it a food item? was it from the pharmacy section? dear lord, what the hell is it?!?!?!
during my "trip" to the store, i remembered a bunch of other things - wheat germ for homemade wheat bread, chicken stock (yes, i buy the stuff from the carton, i don't make my own, judge away), parmesan cheese, etc. i even remembered that i need to buy lemons, which weren't on the original list.
i needed lemons for making baba ganoush. one would think that if i could remember the lemons for making baba ganoush, i would remember the thing you use to eat baba ganoush.
it took me a full day to remember that it was pitas that we needed.
great memory, huh?


  1. You could always scoop baba ganoush with your hands. Less carbs. But chicken stock... come on, you mean to tell me you are NOT prepared to boil chicken bones and entrails all day and chop up a ton of vegetables and then strain and re-strain that stuff until you get a nice clean broth? You young people are so lazy. I used to do that while walking uphill to school. Both ways. I'm busy AND bratty, evidently ;)

  2. walking uphill to school both ways, in the snow too, right? without shoes as well?