Aug 5, 2009

boston, here i come! (in october 2010)

a huge congratulations to A and S on their recent engagement!
i especially loved the way that A announced it as well:
phone rings as i'm driving home from grocery shopping. earplugs/headset thing plugged into phone, just gotta stick it in my ear. phone ringing. keep eyes on road. phone ringing. one hand on wheel. phone ringing. no time to check who it is. answer phone.
me: hello?
A: hi!
me: ohmigod! hi A! (just a note, i did not call her A, i called her by her full name). how are you?
A: i'm good. you sounded surprised.
me: oh well (blushing in my car), i'm driving.
A: oh, okay. so i was wondering if you'd like to be my bridesmaid?
me: OHMIGOD!!! OF COURSE! (trying to maintain control of car) (squealing and high-pitched inaudible congratulations ensue).

A and S - i am so happy for the both of you! your wedding will be wonderful, and i am honored to be asked to be a part of it.

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