Aug 7, 2009

is. he. crazy?!?!

some people have questioned the sanity of hubby. i admit, i am one of those people.
this morning, for instance, the thought crossed my mind in a haze resembling something like, “mmm, crazy hubby, emph, early, cough, snore." it was early morning, maybe 5:30am, and he was already up and about.

see, there's something special about hubby.
hubby voluntarily wrenches himself up at dawn so that he can go do something he doesn't like - swim.
he's at the pool about 4 times a week to work on his freestyle technique.
hubby's a triathlete.
and not just any triathlete.
hubby's a long-distance triathlete.
hubby's a kick-ass long-distance triathlete.
this means he's dedicated (obsessive), determined (stubborn), and organized (about training).

i love that he is all those things and more. and that's probably why i allow myself to be dragged out of bed in the early morning on race days. i'm also his photographer. i'm not that good, but my photography services are free. what else am i going to do at the race? these things take hours!

last weekend was the Sandman Triathlon in Aptos, CA at Seacliff State Beach. Sandman's not a long-distance tri. it's a sprint. and so hubby actually worked about again that afternoon.

swim, bike, run.

hubby coming out of the swim. working on getting that wetsuit off.

hubby coming down a large hill at the end of the bike. love the alien helmut. oops, sorry, i mean aerodynamic.
hubby starting the run on the sand. cool remnants of a ship in the background.

the apres-race photo. he's happy with his time.

crazy hubby.

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