Sep 10, 2009

to prepare for this weekend of fun

before the activities of this weekend, i'm going to first take a long, grueling test.
i'm signed up to take the GMAT tomorrow because i'm applying to MBA programs. one master's degree is not enough - i need another. or rather, i need one that can actually help me make a difference in the world while raking in the dough. my current masters degree is pretty useless for helping me in my career right now, thank-you-budget-cuts-in-education. and to perfectly honest, even if there were no budget cuts and i was working in my field, i would still not be making enough money to really be comfortable. and that's not okay.
i like comfortable. the first thing i do when i get home is change into something with a stretchy waistband. nobody said yoga pants can only be worn for yoga. comfortable rocks. thank you 97% cotton 3% lycra.
so tomorrow AM, i will face the GMAT. i think i'll be okay. it's only a few hours in front of a computer that will spit questions at me that get HARDER as i progress. but i've studied and i've practiced and i feel ready. i AM ready.
sentence corrections? data-sufficiency? bring it on!

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