Jul 20, 2009

another degree?!?!

yup, that's right. one masters degree is just not enough. hubby's going for an MBA and if he goes back to school and gets one, that means he'll have two masters degrees and i'll only have one.
that's just not right.
i need an MBA, too.
okay, so that's not the real reason why i'm going for an MBA, but the competitive thing sure helps studying for GMAT!
and consequently, as all my free time is now spent on data sufficiency questions (and if you know what those are, i can hear your groaning). so not much time to blog. i've still been cooking and baking and taking pictures . . . but just not doing anything with them. but if i only study for the GMAT in my spare time, it'll drive me crazy, so i'm gonna try to start this up again.
maybe if i spend a little less time reading blogs, i can have more time blogging, lol.

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