Dec 7, 2009

case of the mondays - venice

do you have a case of the mondays?
i do.
i have a case of the mondays every monday.
i just have that kind of job. do you?
if so, would you like to travel with me?
every monday, let's take a trip.
i've been to a number of places in my short life and each monday, we'll visit a different place.
to start, let's go to venice.
ahhh, beautiful, amazing venice.
with it's gondolas

many, many gondolas
and markets, just brimming with produce. none of which are actually from venice. most not even from italy, like the pineapples in the corner and the bananas hanging up top. but a vibrant scene, nonetheless.

the swordfish head looked particularly appetizing . . .
mui mui, trying to blend with the local scene. too bad we didn't buy it. the packaging and transporting thing would have been an issue. but the guy who owned this store was great! we went back to his place several times to buy little masks as souvenirs for friends.
mui mui eating a cream puff in a square. lots and lots of squares in venice. the streets, canals, bridges, etc. are all a bit confusing. but if you are ever lost, just keep walking until you get to a square. locate the square on your map, and you are all good.
Venice's most famous square - Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark's Square. mui mui, mom, and dad, among the throngs of tourists there.
one of the things i loved about venice was that you could look up at anytime and see beautiful carved details like this
the food at this one restaurant, something with pumpkin in the title, was also very much loved. completely forgot to take a picture of the food before we started to eat. this was towards the end of the delicious meal.
Venice was a beautiful, lovely place. bye. sigh.

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