Nov 6, 2009

dear world, it's been too long

picture courtesy of my friend Aneesh (photo-editing from me)

hello again!
here's what's been happening: MBA applications. that's about it.
i've been writing lots and lots of essays.
spending lots and lots of money on MBA applications.
and now i'm spending lots of lots of time waiting for a decision.

just before i dropped off the face of the earth, we did manage to make it to the San Francisco Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival. we went with Lisa and Chris (btw, i'm tired of using just first initials, it gets too confusing for me) and met up with Aneesh and Jimmy. fun and yum in the sun. okay, fine, no sun. we were in SF after all.

Lisa and Chris

here's a picture of me and hubby
the Chocolate Festival was delicious. the deal with the Festival is that visitors pay a fee (can't remember the amount, this was almost two months ago, i'm a little behind on blogging) for 10 tickets. then, we visit each booth to trade a ticket for a goodie. like the ones below. (photo below courtesy of Aneesh. our camera was not working. the pictures of Lisa and Chris and me and hubby are from my iphone.)

oh, and now i'm hungry.

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  1. fun fact for you. B used to work at Ghiradelli in logistics and all employees got to do a daily blind taste test.