Nov 10, 2009

perhaps a little ambitious . . .

but here is what i plan to serve for our "thanksgiving" dinner
it's in quotes b/c we're really having it this saturday since hubby and i will be visiting mui mui in london over thanksgiving. but i couldn't bear the thought of missing out on turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc. so we're having our own gathering with a few people this saturday.
here is the plan:
turkey (duh!)
stuffing (the kind my dad makes)
cornbread stuffing (with sausage, onion and cranberries)
mashed potatoes
sweet potato biscuits
cranberry sauce
green beans
roasted brussel sprouts (with balsamic vinegar and bacon)
caramel apple pecan pie
pumpkin cheesecake and ginger molasses cake mini trifles

and i'm doing it all from scratch. as in making the cornbread for the cornbread stuffing. making cranberry sauce tomorrow and freezing it until saturday. making pie dough friday night. nice thing about having furlough this friday - gives me time to prep.
new recipe and photos to come tomorrow. finally have time to blog and play around with editing photos again. the MBA application process is almost, almost over. so not complaining about it - having it be almost over b/c i got invited to interview is a wonderful (and relieving) feeling.

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